Welcome to ABIDING IN NATURAL GREAT PEACE Home Retreat. In preparation for our time together, please read through these details that are designed to support you having the richest experience possible, while we harness this time as a spiritual opportunity for a deep dive in consciousness and nurture well-being on every level.

Your Retreat Manager is Jenny Grainger.  Please feel free to contact her if you cannot find the answers to your questions about the Home Retreat on this page.  Her email is [email protected].  Please be aware that she lives in France and please take into account any time difference when communicating with her.


(All times are in Pacific Time – click here to check times in your area)


9.30 am– 12.30 pm Wednesday 26 – Sunday 30 January.


* morning meditation & mantra practice

* teaching session with inquiry practice in pairs

* interactive dialogue together – exactly the same as we would do in person.

Gayatri mantra video – if you have never done a live retreat with Miranda before, please watch this video and familiarize yourself with the mantra. We will be practicing this together every morning after our meditation. 

DAILY SELF-CARE TIME with specific deepening and self-nurturing recommendations from Miranda. i.e. taking a walk in nature with a specific inquiry focus or work with a mantra. Taking healing baths at home (with recommendations on salts, aromatherapy and reading/music), even recipes for cooking delicious nourishing immune boosting food (easy to make…and those of you who know Miranda personally know that she is a fabulous cook!).


4 – 6 pm Wednesday 26 – Saturday 29 January.

Miranda will work with your most important questions and concerns in exactly the same way as she would at an in person retreat.  The Zoom format is excellent for this.


If you follow the instructions below you should have no difficulties accessing the sessions.  However, if you do find that you are having a problem joining us please email the Zoom host of each session for support – 
Morning Sessions – Jenny Grainger  – [email protected]
Afternoon Sessions – Elaine Riche – [email protected]
Please aim to log on at least 15 minutes before we are due to start the first session of the retreat. This means that if you encounter any problems you can email Jenny at [email protected] and she will have time to respond BEFORE we start the broadcast. Failure to do so may result in you missing the opening 10-15 minutes of the retreat.
ESSENTIAL – Please ensure that you have the latest version of Zoom Version: 5.9.1 (2581) to fully benefit from all the tools we will be using during the retreat. Failure to do so will diminish your experience of the retreat considerably. 
If you already have the Zoom App you can check for updates by clicking on your profile photo on the top right of the screen then clicking on CHECK FOR UPDATES on the dropdown list.
We ask that you all access the retreat via the latest version of the ZOOM App, preferably on a computer or laptop. You do not have to create a paying Zoom account to join this event. 
Please try it out beforehand to make sure it works ok. When you click the download link, you will be invited to install the Zoom Video App on your computer. If you do this process in advance of the start time, a screen should appear with the meeting date and time and a note saying please wait until the host starts the meeting.
When you load the App you may be asked if you wish to do one of the following:
  1. Sign up – you have not yet downloaded the App. Click here to do so.
  2. Sign In – you are creating an account on your device with your email and a password. This is recommended for the latest features and security.
  3. Join a Meeting – insert the Meeting ID and Passcode here…

To join this Home Retreat via Zoom 


Meeting ID: 894 9662 2169
Passcode: 277023


If joining via a mobile device – Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kdRopR1j7q


The Zoom recordings for this retreat will be shared here within 12 hours of each session. 

Click below to access any recordings which have not yet been uploaded to the YouTube playlist…

Within 24 hours of each session the recordings will be added to an unlisted YouTube playlist which only retreat participants have access to.  You will have access to this playlist for life.   Click here to view the recordings if the playlist does not appear in the box below here.

To watch the individual recordings simply click on the icon in the top right corner with 3 bars and and arrow and it will show you all the recordings.





The images used on this retreat will be added here after each session has finished.


If this is your first retreat with Miranda or you are new to Holistic Inquiry Practice, then please take the time to watch this teaching video before the retreat.


If you have never been on retreat with Miranda before please watch this video and familiarize yourself with the Gayatri mantra. We will be practicing this together every morning after our meditation. 



Miranda praying at a beautiful altar

Before our retreat starts, please consider where in your home will best serve you to “do” the retreat. It needs to accommodate:

– Your computer/ best device (with an up-to-date version of Zoom & strong internet)

– Not being disturbed by others in your household.

– Enough light in the room so we can easily see your face.

– A headset/ ear buds (like you use with your cellphone) to give good audio.

– A comfortable chair…and perhaps a secondary option that you like to use for meditation ie: zafu, backjack etc.

Now, please CLEAN IT with the loving care you would clean a temple. Empty any trash or objects that feel like “clutter”. Then, consider what would help it feel like “sacred space” for you? This is completely personal, but Miranda suggests:

–  A candle (which we could all light together each morning) + lighter/ matches.

– A Beautiful plant or flowers.

– Objects that evoke for you the Sacred. like photographs of saints, teachers, stones, etc.

– A journal or something to write with. 


May I stabilise in the infinite Source, Open my heart to all that arises, and grow into a deeper, wiser, more responsive human being.

Take some time in the coming days to reflect on your deepest longing at this point on your path? Name anything you want to explore in more depth. First, let yourself free associate, and then boil it down to a one or two sentence prayer. Put that on your altar, underneath your candle. Put another version of this on your bedside table, so that you be with this last thing at night and first thing when you wake up.


Many of us experience ‘Zoom Fatigue’ so here are some simple tips to reduce the impact of being on Zoom during our retreat…

AVOID MULTI-TASKING – Switch off all notifications on your laptop or device and do not allow yourself to get distracted so that you are fully present for this retreat.

BUILD IN BREAKS – We will be doing this for you but please feel free to get up, stretch, close your eyes or do whatever you need to be comfortable.  Just remember to turn your camera off so as not to distract others please.

CLEAR YOUR SCHEDULE – Avoid other non-essential Zoom commitments for the duration of the retreat or see if you can do them by phone or email instead if they are essential.

CHANGE YOUR SCREEN VIEW – It can be quite distracting to be looking at a screen full of faces. It’s also easy to get distracted by someone else’s screen trying to peek at their background or see why they’re moving around. To prevent this, switch from gallery view to speaker view and hide participants. This way, the screen only shows one person’s video at a time making it easier to focus and reduce the temptation to see what everyone else on the call is doing.

HIDE YOURSELF – If you prefer not to see yourself on screen all the time then you can use the Zoom facility to HIDE YOURSELF.  Click here to find out more.

Click here, here and here to read some more articles on this topic.


SHOP FOR FOOD/ SET UP FOOD SERVICE TO DELIVER (so you don’t have to go to the supermarket during retreat).  Click here to access Miranda’s Recipes for delicious nourishing easy to make food, and also some delivery options if you don’t like to cook.


Delicious, healthy food is an important part of any retreat and an integral part of boosting your immune system. Given that you will be at home, please think this through before we get started on our program, so you do not have to deal with the grocery store during the retreat. Depending on where you live, home delivery might be a good option. 

Given that you are at home, Miranda invites you to consider cooking some delicious, healthy soups that always feel nurturing on the body, are a great way to get loads of nutrient rich colorful veggies into your diet and fill you up. Miranda always has a home-made soup in the fridge, that can form the basis of a lunch or dinner, adding a salad with some protein or else crackers and dip. Amongst her friends, Miranda is rather revered for how good these are. So she is happy to share these recipes that are very easy to make and loaded with quality nutrition with you.  Click here to access Miranda’s Recipes.  Enjoy!


Since ego is essentially multiple layers of contraction around a construct of being a separate self, anything that supports you to relax – be it physically, emotionally or psychologically is good for your spiritual development. Further, inner peace is the best thing going for your health and immune system.

Miranda offers you these recommendations of things that she personally finds nurturing, balancing, restorative. They are simply a guide, inviting you to dial in some rituals that feel nurturing to you. Make the movement and also the soaking part of your “daily rhythm” when we are not in formal session. The time you choose for this will of course depend on whether you are naturally an early riser or a night owl. Find your way. 

In between our formal Zoom meetings, Miranda encourages you to stay in retreat consciousness, and keep away from your computer/ smart phone as much as possible. Now is a perfect time to break your I.T. addiction and put an “out of office” response on your email, as most business is on hold anyway. TAKE THIS RARE OPPORTUNITY TO UNPLUG! Use your devices ONLY for important communications with family members and closest friends, but let them know you are on retreat. 

Please turn off any notifications that “ping” on your phone, computer and ipad.  Especially the device you are Zooming in from (or we will hear your pings too!) Be aware that neuro-science research shows that even a notification appearing to the right of your screen biologically amounts to multi-tasking, and this intercepts your productivity by 40%. When we are in session, you do not want things like this scattering your attention. Besides, this week is about de-stressing from anything that pulls you this way and that.   

Please refrain from watching the usual TV or Netflix, or it will not feel like you are taking a retreat (because you won’t be). If you cannot go cold turkey, limit yourself to just 30 minutes of news + perhaps a nature program, such as “Our Planet”. You will notice an immense difference in your quality of consciousness not to mention your sleep quality. 


Each day, go outside and take a walk in as natural a setting as possible for you. It does not have to be strenuous or long. Each day, Miranda will give you a focus to hold based on what we have been exploring in the morning session, to support you turning this walk into a walking meditation. Walking is important as the natural cross body movement is important for integration, and so is fresh clean life-giving oxygen from Mother Nature.   

Select some other form of mindful movement that you enjoy that serves your body, such as some gentle yoga, chi gung, pilates or simple stretching. Perhaps download some podcasts that allow you to “take a class”, even 20 minutes of one, that works for your body, from your home. Prepare whatever you need for this – yoga mat, stretching props, foam roller to roll on, etc.


If you have a bath, Miranda strongly encourages you to use it every day this week to support Ego Relaxation deep down into your bones…perhaps listening to some guided meditations as you do so, or just sensing and relaxing. Reducing your stress levels is very important for inner peace and robust immunity. Add to the bath the following ingredients:

* 1 cup Epsom salts (relaxes muscles, great for skin, brain, nerves and overall health)

* ½ cup Baking Soda (detoxifies, alkalizes and cleanses energy body)

* 8-10 drops (total) of pure aromatherapy oil. Below are some great formulas to tailor to your needs, curated by aromatherapist & international spa consultant Jacqueline Tara Herron www.yogicsolutions.com

These individual oils can be purchased online. EO is a good brand. If you were to buy just one oil, choose lavender – it uplifts, de-stresses, soothes and relaxes, and reduces cortisol. If sleep is difficult for you, the “deep sleep” formula below really does work to knock you out!

For emotional balance, soothing anxiety and stress reduction:

Frankincense & Ylang Ylang.

Or Lavender (on its own)   

For Immune Boosting & clearing congestion

Tea tree, Juniper Berry, Eucalyptus

* To promote deep sleep & relaxation (best at night time)

Clary Sage, Lavender and Roman Chamomile

* To promote spiritual upliftment:

Jasmine and Sandalwood

If you do not have a bath at home, then simply put a few drops into a basin with hot water. Use a flannel to soak up the aromas – and then onto your face and breathe! Alternately, apply to palm of your hand – rub together and put your (freshly washed but dry) hands to your nose, and on your clothes a bit if you enjoy the smell. Amazingly potent. However, soaking in the bath with them is by far most therapeutic. 


These are designed to help support and enhance your retreat experience. Simply click on the title of each one to access and download it.

4 Dimensions of Grace

Ego Relaxation – A Meditation Practice

Deepening your Meditation Practice

– Ego Relaxation and Holistic Self-Inquiry

Prayer Power

The Pillars of Awakening


Gayatri mantra video – if you have never done a live retreat with Miranda before, please watch this video and familiarize yourself with the mantra. We will be practicing this together every morning after our meditation. 

Music recommendations for bath time or relaxation include Ben Leinbach – Spirit of Yoga  

And, of course, you can immerse yourself in Miranda’s mantras as well.  Click here to find them if you have not already downloaded them.


The Way of Grace – the Transforming Power of Ego Relaxation 

The following books are beautiful, inspirational aids to meditation that are never far from Miranda’s side:

– The Essential Teachings of Ramama Maharshi – Inner Directions (inspirational aid to meditation with quotes and photographic images)

– Letting go of Nothing – Peter Russell

– Love on every Breath – Lama Palden

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Mp3 recording of “May all Beings Dwell in the Heart,” a track from Miranda’s “Heart of Being” mantra CD.

We respect your privacy as sacred, and never share your email with anyone else. By joining our newsletter you consent to receiving content rich newsletters and updates from Miranda about upcoming events that support you to live the Way of Grace