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And it’s FREE! \nClick here to find out more or register. URL: CATEGORIES:Conferences,Webinars,Workshops ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/png: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID=UTC:20210519T093000 DTEND;TZID=UTC:20210523T123000 DTSTAMP:20210413T175654 CREATED:20210108T113303Z LAST-MODIFIED:20210318T093259Z SUMMARY:THE HEART OF BEING: 5 Day Virtual Home Retreat DESCRIPTION:“The Divine opened my spiritual eye \nAnd showed me my soul in the middle of my heart\, \nAnd I saw the soul as wide as if it were \nAn infinite world\, as if it were a blessed kingdom.” \n Julian of Norwich \n  \nBoundless love\, peace and joy is the natural condition of your heart at rest in Pure Being. Yet commonly we live on the surface of ourselves\, disconnected from our luminous depths and the inherent meaning and fulfilment that is always shining at the core. This keeps us seeking but never truly finding. \nThis retreat is dedicated to journeying through and beyond the concerns and constraints of your personality\, to gain more access to the nondual heart that is “I AM”. Furthermore\, to explore what it takes to live daily life from this depth as we navigate these uncertain times. \nJoin us from the comfort and safety of your own home for this virtual retreat which delivered by Zoom.   \nNumbers will be limited to 45 people so that everyone has an opportunity to interact personally with Miranda during the retreat. \n“This was a life changing event for which I am eternally grateful! I have participated in many online satsang/retreats over time with other established teachers. This retreat was by far the most sacred container I’ve experienced.“ \n Participant on FINDING FREEDOM Virtual Home Retreat in February 2021 \nCLICK HERE TO REGISTER \nTogether\, we will journey through the primary obstacles that limit your abiding in the spiritual heart – unwinding subtle attachments\, fears and habits of closure\, to enter into the “blessed kingdom”\, that births a new world of possibility. Practicing Ego Relaxation with all that we encounter\, our heart can both heal and open deeper than “me”. Here\, we discover that our heart is so much more than feelings and emotions\, but an unending ocean of Presence\, freedom\, loving-awareness and joy. Come if you are ready to be found by a Grace deeper than your mind.   \n– Discover the spiritual womb of your heart: Axis point between your relative humanity and transcendent divinity. \n– Explore what limits your access to the Heart of Being at this point on your path\, and why.  \n– Unwind subtle attachments\, fears and cobwebs of closure. \n– Shift from protecting your vulnerable heart\, to abiding AS heart. \n– Return to the very Source of love that connects you with everything in existence. \n– Stabilize in the vast heart and receive its nourishing nectars.   \n– Find a more fulfilling\, meaningful way of being in the world.    \nCLICK HERE TO REGISTER \n“I have been studying with Miranda for 5 years as a member of the Living Grace Sangha. Having done deep work in the Sangha setting\, I signed up for the virtual retreat thinking that I might scratch a little more at the surface of a core issue\, and use the retreat to help me establish a devotional routine. I could not have been more mistaken. I did\, indeed\, establish a devotional practice\, for which I am grateful\, but there was nothing surface about the retreat. Though I have been with Miranda for some time I was amazed at the freshness and depth of her teachings on this retreat. In this time of Covid when we have all gone inward\, Miranda has emerged with such brilliance that I found myself almost not believing what I was hearing. It was a true feast for the soul.” \nParticipant on FINDING FREEDOM Virtual Home Retreat in February 2021 \nTHE FORMAT \n(All times are in Pacific Time – click here to check times in your area)  \nMORNING SESSIONS  \n9.30 am– 12.30 pm Wednesday 19 – Sunday 23 May \nIncludes: \n* morning meditation & mantra practice \n* teaching session with inquiry practice in pairs \n* interactive dialogue together – exactly the same as we would do in person.  \nDAILY SELF-CARE TIME with specific deepening and self-nurturing recommendations from Miranda. i.e. taking a walk in nature with a specific inquiry focus or work with a mantra. Taking healing baths at home (with recommendations on salts\, aromatherapy and reading/music)\, even recipes for cooking delicious nourishing immune boosting food (easy to make…and those of you who know Miranda personally know that she is a fabulous cook!).  \nAFTERNOON SATSANG SESSIONS \n4 – 6 pm Wednesday 19\, Thursday 20\, Friday 21\, Saturday 22 May \nMiranda will work with your most important questions and concerns in exactly the same way as she would in person. \n“With Miranda’s attuned loving presence/transmission & and the incredible depth of teachings and processes from this retreat\, I can begin to ground in my true nature and explore letting doing happen from I AM awareness. In my decades on the path\, I have never seen so many participants opening/awakening in a retreat as I did in this intimate one where anyone who wanted to work with Miranda one-on-one had the chance to do so.” \nParticipant on FINDING FREEDOM Virtual Home Retreat\, February 2021\n \nCLICK HERE TO REGISTER \nCAN’T ATTEND ALL THE SESSIONS? \nWhilst we encourage you to attend every session of this retreat we realize that this may not be possible due to time differences etc.  So a recording of each session will be posted to the Course Homepage within 12 hours of the session. \nThose in time zones which preclude you from attending the afternoon satsangs will be given space to do chairwork with Miranda during the first session of the day. \nNEXT STEPS \nOnce you have registered and paid\, you will receive an email with a link to your Retreat Homepage when it is complete.  There you will find all the information you require to make this home retreat deeply nurturing and transformative for you.  This includes suggestions for getting yourself set up for our sessions together\, recipes to nourish you\, mantras\, handouts and much more. \nIf you do not see this automated email from in your inbox after registration then please check your spam/junk folders. \nCOST \nFull price – $360 \nEarly Bird Rate (ends 30 March 2021) – $300 \nCLICK HERE TO REGISTER \nWe are able to offer 5 scholarships for frontline workers or if your income has been reduced due to Covid-19.  To apply then please email briefly answering the following confidential questions.  We will review your request and get back to you with what is possible. Please know your responses are kept confidential and we will do all we can to help. \n\nBriefly\, describe how you have been financially impacted by Covid?\nWhat is the total retreat amount you feel you can afford?\nAre there other extenuating financial circumstances that should be considered?\n\nREFUND POLICY \n75% refunds are available until 14 May 2021.  No refunds are available after 14 May 2021. \nRECORDINGS \nPlease note that the recordings of this retreat will be shared on a private YouTube playlist which can only be accessed by attendees.  By registering to attend this retreat\, you give permission for all sessions to be recorded for this purpose and you will be expected to sign a waiver to this effect. \nCLICK HERE TO REGISTER \n  URL: LOCATION:Zoom CATEGORIES:Retreats,Webinars ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/png: END:VEVENT BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART;TZID=UTC:20210929T093000 DTEND;TZID=UTC:20211003T123000 DTSTAMP:20210413T175654 CREATED:20200904T191104Z LAST-MODIFIED:20210106T131020Z SUMMARY:5 Day Virtual Home Retreat DESCRIPTION:Further details to follow soon…… URL: CATEGORIES:Retreats,Webinars ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR